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HP/SPN Crossover: Like Angel Wings.

I was trying to avoid studying last night and wanted to write Supernatural/HP crossover. Littlebirdsandfishes suggested “Draco/Cas” and here it is. Here, Cas is a hufflepuff and Bobby Singer is his dad, using Lettiebobettie’s art/theory. Note, I don’t know much about Harry Potter (fail) so don’t kill me plsus.

It was a bright sunny day at Hogwarts, a few clouds scattered across the blue sky, but overall: a great day for flying lessons. All first year students are required to take this class and to pass with flying colors. Since the last lesson with Slytherin and Griffindor and young Neville Longbottom breaking his wrist, Slytherin was paired up with a new house today, Hufflepuffs. As the flyers impatiently waited for their instructor, a little dispute was started.

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